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If you have just started your wedding planning or are into it full-thrust, you know that there are tons of bridal websites out there.   Most of them are fabulous, some of them — well, not so much.  I know because I did a great deal of research before launching this site in the spring of 2009.

What I thought was lacking on the Internet was the local touch.   So while you can visit great sites like TheKnot.com and obtain all sorts of wedding planning info, you also have to click around a great deal to find Long Island info and sources.   Speaking of sources, I also discovered that many websites offer listings upon listings of wedding vendors, but none offer newsy content in regard to weddings.   As a journalist, this intrigued me.   So I created this website to cater specifically to Long Island brides, and while we do offer excellent vendor information, we also provide you with news, trends, and other content that you won’t find anywhere else.  That’s where my journalism background comes into play.   I have access to all kinds of information every single day — and I scour it daily for anything relevant to wedding planning.  If it’s also relevant to Long Island, even better!

So enjoy GettingMarriedonLongIsland.com — I encourage you to subscribe so you get new posts every day, to visit our new Forum and chat with other Long Island brides, to comment on blog posts on our Home page as often as you wish, and I also encourage you to give me feedback on the site.   What would you like to read about, that we don’t cover already?  We are open to your ideas…

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