Wednesday, September 21st, 2016...11:14 pm

Destination Expert HONEYMOONS

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Brides, we are often asked how to decide where to go on a honeymoon and where to find the best discounts and rates.  So we’re happy to introduce you to Ames Evergreen Travel, a Long Island agency that is well-versed in creating incredible honeymoon experiences for local couples.

Now, we know what you’re thinking!  A travel agent? In a time when the internet has so much information at the tips of our fingertips, why use a travel agent?  The answer is precisely because of the internet — so many couples are overwhelmed by a head-spinning variety of travel services online — it requires almost a full time job just to sort through them and compare rates and hotels.  That’s where Ames Evergreen Travel comes in.  You give them a short list of requirements, and they will give you back of list of amazing destinations and properties.  Not sure at all where to go? No worries —  They’ll guide you through the process so you and your fiance can narrow it down.

So check off one more item from your massive wedding to-do list!