Wednesday, December 16th, 2015...6:27 pm

Totally Into Totes? FUN STUF

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We’re totally into these totes by Vine Street Market.  Usually retailing for $65,  we’re offering you an amazing discount of only $19.99!  Just shop here and be sure to  type in  Deal Code: LOVETOTE


These chic reusable bags are designed in Los Angeles and seamlessly mix high fashion with an everyday carryall — perfect for the grocery store, travel, yoga, a
laptop and more.  Each features an inside pocket to stash cell phone, keys, wallet etc.  Wear them over the shoulder or crossbody messenger style. Each tote folds up into it’s own pocket for easy stashing.

Holds up to 60 lbs. Machine Washable. Canvas, 22” x 34”   Made in the USA.

“I’ve been using mine nonstop as a purse, airplane carry-on, diaper bag…it’s the perfect casual everything bag. They’re lovely, durable, and an easy way to be Kind,” said Alicia Silverstone.