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The Wedding Doctor Will Cure What Ails You IN THE NEWS

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Stressed out?  You’re not alone.  In a recent Newsday Bridal Planner article, author Dina Santorelli interviewed Jocelyn W. Charnas, a Manhattan-based licensed clinical psychologist who received her master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from Adelphi University. She now works with couples from the tri-state area on how to better cope with the stress and anxiety that comes with getting married.  They call her “The Wedding Doctor.”   Here’s a sample question from the article.  

Jocelyn Charnas is "The Wedding Doctor."

Jocelyn Charnas is “The Wedding Doctor.”


What is it about getting married that’s so darn stressful?

Engagement is a time of extraordinary transition and change. Every hairline fracture in a family dynamic has the potential to open up and intensify. It is like shining a giant spotlight on the most sensitive issues, such as family structure, including any divorces or strained relationships, family finances, and sometimes stark differences between families in terms of values and culture. As a rule, most people aren’t at their best when faced with change.

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