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Some Bubbly for your Long Island Wedding DETAILS & IDEAS

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Brides, looking for some unique entertaining ideas and cocktail suggestions for your wedding celebrations?

Prior to the actual wedding there are so many moments to celebrate – bridal showers, bachelorette parties or asking friends and family to be part of your special day.  MARTINI Sparkling Wines are a sophisticated and stylish option.  Available in a new fully sparkling Prosecco, a flirtatious Sparkling Rosé and a naturally sweet Asti, there’s a wine for every taste.


And check out these adorable MARTINI minis as place-cards at a shower, or thank your bridesmaids for standing by your side with a bottle of MARTINI Prosecco.

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Try a few of these  Signature Cocktail Recipes:
MARTINI® Prosecco Bellini

2 parts white peach puree

MARTINI® Prosecco

Pour white peach puree into a glass. Top with chilled MARTINI® Prosecco and serve.


2 parts chilled MARTINI® Asti

1 part Orange Juice

Pour orange juice into a flute glass. Top with MARTINI® Asti and garnish with strawberry.


MARTINI Sparkling Lemonade

1.5 oz. Lemonade

3 oz. MARTINI Sparkling Rosé

Pour lemonade into a flute. Top with MARTINI Sparkling Rosé