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News 12 Long Island Elisa DiStefano Shops for the Gown FASHION FRONT

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We’re following News 12 Long Island reporter Elisa DiStefano’s exciting wedding plans, and it seems she’s come to a screeching halt.

When it comes to the gown, saying “yes” can be a really stressful experience.  What if you just don’t know what sort of gown you want?

Elisa dress

What we always suggest first is to flip through bridal magazines and rip out anything that catches your eye.  Look at websites and print out gowns that you love.  Place all of these into a folder, and before you step foot in a salon, sort through them by style.  Be discretionary and toss out the ones you think won’t really work for you.   Then, bring the folder to the salon, so your bridal consultant can have a clear and visual feel for what you like.

And here’s our advice to Elisa and for any of you who are currently under duress due to the dress:

1.  Keep comfort in mind when trying on dresses. This is something you’ll be wearing for hours on end so if you’re not 100% comfortable in strapless clothes or in body-hugging shapes (mermaid gowns) for example, stay away from those when shopping.

2.  Consider your personal style; do you see yourself walking down the aisle in a fairy-tale Cinderella ballgown such as the one Elisa is trying on above, or in a sleek, modern sheath?

3.  Think about your body type and what works best with it.

Once you’ve thought about these, it will be easier to go into the salon and request certain types of gowns, instead of trying on a wide-ranging gamut of designs, which can be really confusing.

What do you think?  Any advice for Elisa?