Friday, January 17th, 2014...11:06 am

Behind-the-Scenes at Kleinfeld! FUN STUFF

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Ladies, I had such a fabulous behind-the-scenes tour today of Kleinfeld — I had to share:

Kleinfeld, NYC

Just as I walked into the beautiful reception area, I discovered a production crew from “Say Yes to the Dress” prepping a bride and her entourage!

The main bridal area was exactly as you see it on the show — elegant, bright and there were brides-to-be posing in front of mirrors at every turn — I have to tell you, each and every one of them looked gorgeous in every designer gown they were trying on.   But the real eye-candy for me was the stock room.  You’ve seen it — rows and rows of beautiful wedding gowns encased in plastic protectors.  But when you are there in person, it’s really mindboggling…



Of course, every designer gown needs alterations.  So the heart of the store is right here, in this massive room chock full of sewing machines, supplies, and of course, the extremely talented women who work magic to make sure every bride looks absolutely stunning in her dress.




Many of the details you see on the gowns are done by hand.  


Here’s something I learned:  Kleinfeld sells not only gowns and accessories such as veils and jewelery, but also shoes (how did I NOT know that?).

Speaking of shoes, while I was stepping out, guess who I ran into?  (Randy is just as adorable and kind in person as he is on TV.)