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News 12 Reporter Elisa DiStefano, Getting Married on Long Island! IN THE NEWS

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Brides, it’s not like I’ve been hiding under a boulder since the summer, so I’m not sure how I missed this HUGE development for Long Islanders.  And so with all due apologies for not posting much sooner — I wanted to wholeheartedly congratulate our friend and News 12 reporter Elisa DiStefano on her July engagement to former Division One college basketball coach and current ESPN television analyst, Mo Cassara.

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Photo credit: Liz Degen Photography

A 12 and 1/2 time bridesmaid (she’s got all the pictures to prove it!), Elisa has launched a blog to document her wedding plans, which will culminate with an August 2014 wedding at one of our favorite venues on Long Island  — Oheka Castle.

Funny story:  Years ago, Elisa and I did a LIVE wedding planning segment for News 12 on the grounds of Oheka.

It was a beautiful sunny day and we had everything set up outside, by the garden — gorgeous floral centerpieces to showcase, custom-made wedding cakes, models in wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses.   Everything was set up and ready — it was perfection.

Well, no sooner did we go on the air LIVE than –  the SPRINKLER system went on.   All.  Over.  Me.  And Elisa.

In seconds, we were drenched.

But here’s the catch:  I was sitting on a stool with a cast on my right leg, mending together a previously broken ankle.  So I couldn’t just get up and run (or limp) off the set, even if we weren’t on the air in front of millions of viewers!  And because Elisa is such a sweet and kind person, she didn’t leave my side — even after the cameras cut back to the studio, where the anchorwomen were shouting, “Get away from the sprinklers!”

“I can’t leave Claudia!!” a soaking wet Elisa hollered back, still on the air.  “She has a broken leg and can’t walk!”

Since that moment, Elisa won my heart.     Which is why I am especially thrilled that she’s found her soul mate.  He’s a very lucky man.