Thursday, November 14th, 2013...10:47 am

Something Blue, Something New FASHION FRONT

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Sexy, practical, new and blue:  It’s called The GirlyGoGarter®, a modern day garter invention that uniquely and discreetly stashes your essentials under your wedding gown!  The beaded wedding garter securely and conveniently holds all of your wedding-day necessities – and for every beaded garter you order at $55, you receive an extra FREE wedding blue satin garter to use for the garter toss!

Garter beaded-blue-garter_1024x1024

At just $35, GirlyGoGarter® comes in five fashion colors with a fit for all sizes, and is now available in over 200 retail stores nationwide.  You can also buy it online, of course.   But brides, these aren’t just for the wedding day, so buy one for each of your bridesmaids.  They make adorable (and practical) thank-you gifts. 

garter black-garter-final_large


garter red-garter-final_large