Monday, November 25th, 2013...11:42 am

Ask Jody: Fake Flowers?

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Danielle, Holbrook

Q:  Hi, Jody!   What do you think about using fake flowers for our centerpieces?  Or is that tacky?

A:  There are many ways you can design a tasteful centerpiece by using artificial flowers. The best scenario would be to use silk flowers, which are the best quality and look the most realistic.  But silk flowers can get pricey, so if that is not within your budget I would suggest ordering small centerpieces and using lots of candles to accent the flowers.  Another idea: If you are looking to save money, reuse the bridesmaids bouquets! Place each one in a vase and use for the centerpieces, or for extra decor around the venue.   But keep in mind that there are many options aside from flowers — antique candelabras, fruit displays, branches.  Use your imagination!