Wednesday, October 16th, 2013...11:50 am

Ask Jody: Just $5000 For Venue

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 Sherley, Roosevelt

Q:  Hi. I’m looking for a venue that accommodates a small intimate wedding (guest list 50-70 guests).  I have a very small budget of $10,000 for my whole wedding.  I guess I’m looking to spend $5,000 on the venue since I have not yet purchased a gown or booked a photographer. I am also looking to get married in the winter. Is it possible?

A:  Hi Sherley.  Anything is possible! I would focus on searching for event spaces in restaurants, since that may be more budget-friendly and can usually accommodate your number of guests.  First you should decide on the type of food you would like served, then scout out some local restaurants that fit the bill.