Saturday, September 7th, 2013...12:00 pm

Ask Jody: Original Wedding Favors

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Amanda, Woodbury

Q:  I’m looking for some original wedding favors but everything is same old, same old.  Any ideas? 

A:  Hi Amanda.  Thanks for writing! In my experience, the best wedding favors are either edible, or meaningful. Try to choose something that reflects you as a couple – do you love to go wine tasting on the North Fork? Then you may want to give out half bottles of wine with a personalized label or a mini bottle of champagne. Do you love sweets and chocolate? Maybe gourmet popcorn packaged in a monogramed bag. Do you live for coffee or tea?  Maybe wedding tea or coffee beans.   Also consider giving away your floral arrangements at the end of the night. I worked with one couple that used terra cotta pots of yellow spay roses for their cocktail hour decor, and then the pots were displayed on a table at the end of the night for guests to take home! Have fun with it!