Thursday, August 1st, 2013...3:17 pm

Trash the Dress & Be on TV IN THE NEWS

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Long Island brides, listen to this:  A New York City production company is seeking brides who have or plan on ruining their wedding gowns.  It’s true!  Here’s what they are looking for:

Are you engaged? Do you want to destroy/ruin your wedding dress in a unique way ON PURPOSE after the wedding? Perhaps for the sake of art — or maybe just because you’ll never wear it again.

Rachel Richter Photography

We’re looking for people who want to take part in a “trash the dress” ritual (the act of wrecking one’s wedding dress for photo opportunities) for a brand new reality TV series.   If you are interested, we are casting now and want to hear your plans!

Please send us your story, along with photos and video of yourself to