Monday, August 26th, 2013...11:49 am

Posting on Our Ask Jody Page…

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To all of our readers — Long Island brides and grooms:

We love hearing from you on our Ask Jody page!  Thanks for posting your wedding planning questions.  A few words though –

We receive tons of questions from couples seeking advice on wedding venues here on Long Island, but many of them are too broad and general for us to tackle.  For example, many of the questions are postings like this: 

“We are looking for a nice venue in Suffolk County.  Maybe 200 people.” 

“We don’t have a lot of money for our wedding but we want it in a nice place.  What can you recommend?”

“We want to get married next fall.  Can you suggest some nice places?”

Because we receive so many questions from our readers, we are unable to respond to all of them — especially the ones that don’t provide us with enough information in regards to your desires.   A better way to use our Ask Jody board is to do the initial research on venues yourselves.  This is easily done by Google searches, by asking friends and family members for recommendations on spaces they’ve seen, and by checking our pink toolbar with Best Picks, Wedding Planning and Wedding Venues categories.   Once you’ve narrowed down your options, and once you have a guest list compiled, as well as a budget and general location for your wedding (North Shore, county, better yet, town), then feel free to post a specific question on our Ask Jody board.  

Thanks and enjoy the wedding planning!