Friday, July 19th, 2013...12:50 pm

Ask Jody: Low Budget Long Island Wedding

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Elizabeth, Copiague

Q: I’m getting married but my budget is not too much for the hall — around $3000-5000. Do you think you can help me?

A: Hi Elizabeth — No matter what your budget, your wedding day will be special! I would suggest looking into event rooms at restaurants. There are many restaurants that have large party rooms, such as the Carriage House in Babylon. I am not sure how many guests you would like to invite, but the shorter the guest list, the more you will have in your budget for extras such as music, flowers, photography etc. You can also reach out to local colleges for talented photographers & musicians that will charge lower rates than established companies.   But remember, a wedding doesn’t have to have all of the “traditional” elements to be special, so do what you can — the joy of the celebration itself will be memorable.