Wednesday, June 5th, 2013...11:27 am

Ask Jody: Bargain Venue on Long Island

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Adam, Bellmore

Q:  Hi Jody. Just got engaged, and not sure where to start. We should have around 150 guests, and we are looking for a beautiful setting (vineyard, barn, old mansion). For price range we are looking for a great bargain for venue, a venue where we see and expect it to be much more then it is. What would you recommended?   Thank You.

A:  Hi Adam.  Vineyards and historical Mansions on Long Island can be quite expensive because of the ‘site fee’ and additional rentals that are almost always needed. The Vineyard Caterers in Aquebogue, provide the luxury of the North fork wine country without the big price tag.  There is no site fee, and most of the basics are included (tables, chairs, linen etc.) You can hold the ceremony on their back lawn overlooking the vineyards.
I would also check out Brecknock Hall in Greenport. There is a site fee to book this historical mansion, and you will need to bring in a caterer, tent, tables, chairs, etc. but it is absolutely beautiful! All of these elements should be carefully budgeted before booking the venue, because they can add up quickly! A plus is you can choose a caterer that you love and who is in your budget.