Wednesday, April 17th, 2013...12:02 pm

"Girls" Star Models See-Through Wedding Gown FASHION FRONT

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Question of the day:  Would you get married in this?

Yes, it’s completely see-through.  And yes, that’s HBO “Girls” star, Jemima Kirke, modeling.  What a PR coup for trendy and off-beat salon, Stone Fox Bride, at 611 Broadway in New York City.  Stone Fox was voted  “Best Anti-Bridezilla Bridal Boutique”  by Time Out New York in 2012, and their gowns are clearly not your typical sweet/chic “Say Yes to the Dress” kind of collections.

Look at this boho look, which we actually like because if you add a blingy period headpiece by Boutique de Voile, it could easily pass for Gatsby-flapper style:

We also love the simplicity and serenity of this dress:

These aren’t for the traditional bride, but then again, the salon seeks out this type of clientele:

“We’d like to think we have a dress for every batshit bride out there: the hot punk with the shag bangs and skull tatts, the bedraggled bohemian with blue eyes and hair to her ass, the chic minimalist with mellow style who’s indifferent to fashion and couldn’t care less about trends.”

If that’s you, run, don’t walk!