Saturday, April 13th, 2013...10:28 am

Er, Mangagement Rings? DID YOU KNOW….?

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Have you heard about the trend of “man-gagement” rings?  Yeah, it’s a thing.  Michael Buble was spotted wearing one.  In fact, the practice is common in several countries, such as Argentina, where his fiancée was born.  While men in the U.S. don’t traditionally wear an engagement ring, the practice is becoming increasingly common, for a few reasons:

·         Men Marrying Men! As the legalization of gay marriage makes headway, gay couples are adopting traditional marriage practices like formal proposals with a ring.
·         The Margaret Thatcher! There are women who are ahead of the curve and feel that having to wait until a man proposes is a bit outdated. If a woman decides she’s ready to get married, why not propose?
·         Equal rights! Some men think it’s unfair for only a woman to wear an engagement ring, as they should both wear rings as a sign of commitment to each other.

So how to go about purchasing a ring for your guy?  The tricky part of choosing an engagement ring for a man is finding a masculine diamond ring.  One place to go:  James Allen,  offers a large assortment of diamond rings for the men in our lives.  Look at these examples: