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Ask Jody: Inviting Many Children to a Wedding

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Sherly, Valley Stream
Q:  Hi Jody!! I need your help.  My wedding will be on September 2014. I know I have a good amount of time but i feel lost. I have a big family so my wedding will have approximately 200 guests. A lot of this guests are children which I rather not have in my wedding but my fiance doesn’t seem to agree with me. What do you suggest? We don’t want to spend more than $10,000 on a venue. Can you please suggest me any places around our price range? Or if its a place outdoors it would be lovely! We live very close to Valley Stream.  Thank you so much!
A:  Sherly, we think you and your fiance need to address the question of guests before you start looking for a venue.  Inviting children — many children — to a wedding, should be seriously considered.   It’s one thing to invite young children who are special and part of your immediate families, but to invite many guests with children could create a number of problems.  For instance, if you’re having a formal wedding — some children may not be able to handle such an affair due to their young age.   Which means you may want to hire a nanny or special entertainment away from the main reception area, to keep the kids busy.  This will bring up the cost of your wedding.  Are there varying ages within the large group of children you are thinking of inviting?  If so, you’ll have to think about a special menu tailored for the kids.  Please sit down with your families and discuss this until you are both happy with the decision.