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New TLC Show, Something Borrowed, Something New IN THE NEWS

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TLC’s Something Borrowed, Something New premiered on Friday, February 8th at 10.   It follows a bride’s journey to find the perfect wedding dress, but with a twist:  the bride has  to choose if she’ll walk down the aisle in a new designer gown or a fashionably re-imagined heirloom.

In each episode, hosted by designer Kelly Nishimoto and stylist Sam Saboura, the bride-to-be works with the experts to help her choose between two dress options.  She has the opportunity to wear a special, previously worn gown (mother’s hand me down, best friend’s princess gown, etc.) that Kelly will rework to update for the venue and personality of the bride.  The bride will also join Sam on a shopping trip as he takes her to the bridal salon to pick out a brand new stylish dress.  Then, it’s an emotional roller-coaster as the bride has to choose between a nostalgic one-of-a kind dress and a new and fashionable piece.

If you missed the premiere, here’s a sneak peek:


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