Thursday, February 21st, 2013...12:07 pm

Ask Jody: Small, Intimate Wedding on Long Island

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Marisol, Deer Park
Q:  I am so stuck!  I am looking to have a small intimate wedding with no more that 60 people attending. I am on an extremely low budget. I am trying to included my family and friends in the ceremony (we were going to go to Town Hall) but having my family there would mean the world — any ideas on a venue or a plan?  Please help.

A:  Hi Marisol.  I love the idea of a small, intimate wedding, and sharing this special moment with your closest family and friends. There are some locations on Long Island where you can book ceremony space.  For example, you can exchange vows amongst the scenic gardens at the Westbury Gardens. To save money, you can also hold the ceremony in your backyard or at a family member’s place.  All you would need to do is rent chairs and book an officiant!
But if you want to book a small venue, keep in mind that most have minimums for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday wedding, so I would suggest trying for a weekday night (which would also be much cheaper). In addition, I would suggest choosing a restaurant instead of a catering hall. Many restaurants have private party rooms that can accommodate up to 25-75 guests. Forgo the dancing and have an intimate dinner party or cocktail style party to celebrate your nuptials!   Good luck!