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Ask Jody: Pretty in Pink Wedding Gown

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Katie, Massapequa
Q:  I am looking for a blush colored wedding dress. I have seen a ton in all the wedding magazines but no one seems to carry any in the store or know any designers that make any in the blush color. I have seen a couple that are called blush but are really gray or peach. I’m looking for a light/ pale pink in a $2,500 price range. Thanks!
A:  Katie, blush is definitely in, especially since Jessica Biel married JT!   So we went right to the experts at Bridal Reflections for the answer to your question.  Here’s what they said –
“We do have some dresses that come in pink, however most times the sample is in white or ivory.”  So make sure when you are gown shopping that you ask if the gown of your choice is available in blush.   Also,  Bridal Reflections says to check out Stephen Yearick and Ysa Makino, as many of their designs are cut in blush.  And for more pink wedding gown inspiration, click here