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House-Rentals for Your Long Island Wedding DETAILS & IDEAS

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My friend Marcelle S. Fischler just wrote this article for The New York Times about renting a house for a wedding.   Take a look at the entire article here, but for Long Island-specific info directly from the article:


“Over the last decade the “fantasy of having a wedding at a mansion on the water in the Hamptons” became a “first choice” among brides, said Jill Gordon, a wedding planner in East Hampton, N.Y. But renting someone else’s yard for a day is not cheap.

“People come into this thinking they will get some sort of Gatsby residence on the ocean,” she said. “Sometimes that’s unrealistic thinking,” she added, unless they have $75,000 to $100,000 to invest in the event, not counting the tent, table and chair rentals, caterer, band or flowers.

Nancy Grigor, a location scout for events and the movies “The Nanny Diaries” and “Something Borrowed,” said she gets 15 to 20 calls a week from brides looking for wedding sites in the Hamptons. She said it was “just as easy” to find the perfect private residence for a wedding as it was to arrange a movie or a magazine shoot for Calvin Klein.

“The girls want to get married in the Hamptons and on the beach,” she said. “There are a lot of great properties out here to do weddings.”

Among her clients were Paul Rodriguez, 30, and Judith Carr, 35, of Manhattan, who after a tour last year, made a list of their top 10 wedding properties. For the week before their June 9 wedding, they paid $25,000 for a nine-bedroom Victorian in Southampton, N.Y., so that their siblings could stay there.

“We wanted to feel like we were bringing Paul’s family from Texas and my family from England into our own home,” Ms. Carr said. The family members could also get to know one another as they saved on hotel expenses.

The ceremony was held in a walled “secret garden,” followed by poolside cocktails and a family-style buffet reception and pig roast for 100 guests under a tent on the front lawn.”


What do you think about renting a house for your wedding?  Is it affordable or over-the-top cray-cray ?