Tuesday, January 8th, 2013...11:20 am

Ask Jody: Too Hot for Outdoor Wedding in Vineyard?

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Lauren, LIC

Q:  Hi, Jody!  So excited to start planning my wedding, which will be in LI wine county next year.  My issue is, when?  I have two dates in mind and available. One is a September Sunday day wedding (from 2-8pm), and the other choice is an August Saturday night wedding (5-11pm).  I’d love to do the night wedding, but is it usually too hot at that time, in that area in August?  Other weather concerns? We will have a covered deck, no tent.  What do you think?  Thanks! Lauren

A:  Hi, Lauren!  As you know, weather is extremely unpredictable on Long Island. I absolutely love the idea of an outdoor wedding, but the beauty of it does not come without risk.  In case it’s too hot in August, and September, you can rent standing fans from a rental company such as Party Rental LTD.   Usually they can be rented a week or so before the event, so you will be able to monitor the forecast.   If fans are not in your budget, think about providing hand fans for your guests, cool towels for those on the dance floor, and/or refreshing treats such as sorbet or frozen grapes.   The goal is to keep your guests comfortable and happy in any weather situation.  So if you are really excited about an outdoor wedding, go ahead and do it.  (Also, be sure to ask the venue about alternate plans in case it rains!)