Thursday, October 25th, 2012...12:27 pm

Brentwood Country Club Caterer Has Left the Building IN THE NEWS

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Officials today announced the removal of Forlano Enterprises as the licensee caterer of the Town of Islip’s Brentwood Country Club because of the firm’s failure to pay more than $215,503 in license fees over the past two years.   But brides, not to worry — on  Tuesday, officials successfully employed emergency measures to ensure that scheduled events will go on as planned.

Forlano Enterprises operators, Samuel and Roberta Vergari, were notified of the termination on October 16th and were given 15 days to vacate the premises.

On Tuesday, Town officials hired a locksmith to drill out existing building locks, and were left to sort through paper and computer records in an attempt to reach Forlano Enterprises employees and any scheduled event holders.  Officials spent the day fielding questions from worried patrons and reached out to the organizers of four events this weekend to explain what transition plans were in place as well as contacted any scheduled event holders.  The Town successfully employed emergency measures to ensure that scheduled parties, such as weddings and family events, will go on as planned.

Any concerned citizen should contact Islip Town Constituent Services at 631- 224-5380 with any questions.