Wednesday, October 17th, 2012...9:47 am

Ask Claudia: Wedding Venues on Long Island

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Dear brides-to-be who posted venue questions on our Ask Claudia page –

We thank you for posting a question on our site.  Many of you have asked very similar questions about wedding venues on Long Island, so we thought it best to respond all at once.

First of all, while we do not recommend specific venues, we do offer suggestions on occasion of places we have heard about that have solid reputations.  So if you have a specific type of venue in mind for your wedding, please look at our Search option on the green sidebar to the right.  Type in a few key words and see what comes up.    In addition, click on Wedding Venues on our pink toolbar above the homepage and you’ll see a group of categorized options.   You may just find what you’re looking for!

Second, if you have specific needs for your venue — cost per person, number of guests, etc., I encourage you to go here.   This useful chart allows you to check off your requirements, and then offers a list of venues that match those.   You can then compare results.

Lastly, the Long Island Convention & Visitors Bureau website offers a way for you to request a price quote from venues, at absolutely no cost and online.    And they list the venues by type — beach, winery, mansion, etc.   To check out this highly useful and free resource, click here.

Please take these necessary steps to narrow down your venue choices.   If you then still have difficulty and need specific advice, come back to our Ask Claudia page and post your detailed question, and we’ll do what we can to help.