Friday, August 3rd, 2012...1:09 pm

Long Island Has Most Formal Weddings In U.S. DID YOU KNOW…?

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Guess what?  According to a recent survey, Long Island is home to the most formal (black-tie) weddings in the country.  Is this good news or bad?   

More factoids from the and, who conducted a Real Weddings Survey in 2011: 

Wedding Style: Hawaii has the most casual weddings (48%), while Long Island has the most formal (black-tie) weddings (37%).

Budget:  New York City (Manhattan) has the highest average wedding budget ($65,824), and West Virginia has the lowest average wedding budget ($14,203), excluding honeymoon only.

Age: Hawaii has the oldest brides (31 years), whereas Utah has the youngest brides (26 years), on average.

Engagements: Mid-Atlantic brides (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) have the longest engagements (16 months), while brides from Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi have the shortest (12 months), on average.

Wedding Size: On average, Iowa brides still have the largest number of wedding guests (215), and Hawaii and Nevada still have the smallest number of wedding guests (77 and 63, respectively).

Wedding Dress Spend: Brides in Manhattan spend the most on their dresses ($2,403), while North and South Dakotan brides spend the least ($745).

Registry: Brides in Central Illinois, are the most likely to register for wedding gifts (98%).