Thursday, July 26th, 2012...10:52 am

Ask Claudia: Wine Per Head Cost at Vineyards

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Lauren, Brookhaven
Q:  I am considering having my wedding at one of the Long Island Vineyards. Do some of them usually include wine in their “per head” cost?
A:  We asked Custom Catering to respond to this, because they cater hundreds of vineyard weddings on Long Island.   Here is their response:
Every vineyard requires that you purchase their wines to be served at your event and each vineyard is different regarding the quantities required.  As an off premise caterer, I can only speak for the vineyards that do not provide catering — you will either be required to purchase wine by the case for your event, or,  some require a set amount to be purchased per person ie. 1/2 bottle per person.  The wine is usually offered at a discounted price and this is in addition to the vineyard site fee.