Tuesday, May 29th, 2012...9:28 am

Ask Claudia: Tipping the Wedding Band

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Carol, Huntington

Q:  My son is having an 8 piece orchestra for his wedding. We have a contract to have the balance paid at the beginning of the reception.  But my son says we have to tip the band.  Is this necessary.  How much?

A:  Carol, gratuities are often built into certain wedding vendor contracts, so do look yours over before deciding on an “extra” tip at the end of the wedding.   Now,  if your band contract doesn’t include a built-in gratuity, you are certainly under no obligation to tip the band.   But it’s a nice thing to do.   Especially if the music made the party — weddings should be a good time and usually, the entertainment is responsible of ensuring that everyone has fun.  So if your guests danced the night away and left with smiles on their faces, it’s likely because the DJ or band created a party atmosphere:  in other words, they did a great job.  So, if this is the case for your son’s wedding, do offer a gratuity.  Typically, each member of the band can receive between $15-20 apiece.    (And they’ll leave the wedding with smiles on their faces as well)