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Ask Claudia: Receptionless Wedding

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Katie, Medford

Q:  Hi.  I’ve been engaged for around a year now, and I’m in no rush.  I’m thinking about June 2014.  I know that’s wedding season and I can’t get over the idea of spending so much money on just one day.. I feel like I’ve heard of someone having an outdoor ceremony with drinks and pastries after.. I want to have something a little more than a ceremony for people and so I can still have pictures with friends and family, I just don’t think I want to have a reception…We live in Suffolk county, any suggestions?  Thanks :)

A:  Katie, I love your question.   Many brides today feel cultural and social pressure to have the perfect wedding and that usually means spending lots and lots of money.  Long Island is the third most expensive place to get married in the country and weddings can run upwards of $50,000 here. 

What I usually tell couples is this:  if you have money to spend lavishly, do it.  You are only getting married once and if it will not break the bank so to speak, have the wedding reception you envision.   But for couples who have other financial priorities (and there are many these days), there’s no reason to cave to what you think might be expected of you.   Therefore, if you don’t want to spend a great deal of money on a wedding reception, please don’t.   A small, private ceremony followed by cocktails and sweets or a few hors d’oeuvres is perfectly fine!   The point is, whatever you do to commemorate this special occasion will be memorable for years to come.  So follow your heart and your wallet!