Thursday, January 26th, 2012...1:27 pm

Ask Claudia: Outdoor Ceremony in Stony Brook

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Jacklyn, Manorville

Q:  My fiance and I are having our reception in Stony Brook in August 2012. We are finding it impossible to find a ceremony site! We want to have an outdoor ceremony (not on the beach). Ideally it would be someplace quiet and as natural as possible (i.e. a little distance between us and the parking lot). Also we are looking for the area to have mature trees to provide shade and charm (it will be August!). To make matters even more challenging, we are both attending graduate school in Arizona so the internet is our main resource. Any suggestions?

A:  Jacklyn, have you considered the Long Island Museum?   They have lovely grounds and have experience in outdoor wedding receptions, and of course, they are right in the heart of Stony Brook!   There will be a fee to have your wedding there — it starts at $550.  For more info, call Julia, their events coordinator at 631-751-0066, ext. 247.   Another idea — how about the Stony Brook Grist Mill for a unique ceremony?   There’s a lovely area behind the mill itself, as well as a pond.  A fee is also required, and the amount depends on your number of guests.  For information, call Deborah at 631-751-2244.   And let us know what you decide on!