Friday, October 28th, 2011...10:02 am

Pay Someone to Write Your Thank You Notes? IN THE NEWS

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Would you pay someone to write wedding thank you cards on your behalf?   Well, a new Long Island company, (Valley Stream) is offering such a service to harried newlyweds or those who simply don’t want to take on this task.

“We’ve got a team of dedicated penmanship professionals whose sole purpose is to handwrite all your thank you cards,” reads the company website.   All you do is fill out a form and within minutes, a wedding thank you specialists will reach out to you.  The entire process takes 2 – 3 weeks.   The cost?  2.50 per card.  If you want the cards stamped, $3.00 each.  Mailed, $4.00.

The service was founded by Ryan Alovis.  According to The Daily News, former nightlife promoter Alovis now runs ArkNet Media, which incorporates a handful of magazine subscription, party-planning and web shopping businesses.

What do we think — tacky or a valuable service?