Monday, October 24th, 2011...9:18 am

Calling All Wedding Photographers… PHOTOGRAPHY

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Good morning everyone.   Apologies for the lack of post on Friday but I was at — you might have guessed it — a wedding!   My beautiful niece Jennifer got married in Florida this weekend.  It was lovely a affair.

When I returned on Sunday, I came upon this fascinating article in the Sunday New York Times, Field Notes section.   Why fascinating?   Everything we hear these days about wedding photography revolves around posed shots or documentary style photography.  But here’s a photographer specializing in banquet photos!

I never heard the term before and never even imagined that an entire wedding group shot could be a reality — yet here is a banquet shot, with every single wedding attendant present in the image.  Amazing.

I’d love to hear from Long Island photographers about this technique.  It doesn’t sound very practical, as you need a special, antique camera to shoot it and it requires detail and precision to set up (not to mention the cost to the bride and groom).   So, is it worth it?