Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011...9:16 am

Cordially Invited Guest: Karon Viggiano

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Today we have a special guest here:  Karon Viggiano, a licensed cosmetologist, is the owner of Hair Enhancement Studios & Permanent Cosmetic Make up Studio of NY.  Karon works with clients all over Long Island, often at Cactus Salon locations (she’s also toured with rock bands for their hair care needs and has done permanent cosmetics on TV personalities).  With Hair Enhancement Studios, she designs and services custom-fitted hair replacements, integrations, extensions and cranial prosthesis for medical patients.  With Permanent Cosmetics, also known as cosmetic tattooing, she tattoos specially formulated pigment into your skin. Procedures include lip lining or full lip tattooing, eyeliner and eyelash enhancement, eyebrows, camouflage scars, beauty marks and more.

Q:  What does the term “permanent cosmetic makeup” actually mean?

A:  Permanent cosmetics, also known as cosmetic tattooing, is actually tattooing specially formulated pigment into your skin.

Q:  What do brides-to-be come to you for, typically?

A:  They come to me for different situations they are facing that pertain to their wedding day look. Often it’s eyeliner, eyelash enhancement or even eyebrows they are seeking.   As they plan their honeymoon, they realize they will be doing all sorts of water sports and activities that will be photographed and want to look great in these pictures without having “make up” on.

I also see very often the mothers of the brides and grooms — even aunts and other family members who come to me during the wedding planning process. They almost always want eyebrows. Years of tweezing, waxing or shaving them have left them with no hair on their brow-line and they are forced everyday to draw them on. They dread this process. So when they find me, they are so happy and relieved they can lose the pencil once and for all. Very often these same women opt for adding eyeliner and lips to complete their new fresher face.

Q:  How safe are permanent cosmetics and can anyone apply them?

Permanent cosmetics are completely safe if they are done by a licensed, certified technician, like me, in a licensed, certified, insured facility. This is permanently on your face.  So you’d want to make sure your technician is highly qualified and comes highly recommended.  Also, anyone following the proper procedures will be expensive, as it costs them money to keep up their business expenses, licenses, insurance, rent etc. You do not want to go the least expensive person to do this. Chances are they are not up to code, or even have much experience and they are practicing on you.

Q: Is it a painful experience?

I use topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort. There are different anesthetics that are approved for different areas of the body.

Q:  Are there any downsides for brides-to-be?

No downside at all!  Just think, you can look your best all the time, from first thing in the morning — no more Rocky Raccoon eyes from leftover mascara from last night if you fell asleep with your make up on.

Thank you, Karon!   For a free consultation, call 631-427-9684.