Monday, June 13th, 2011...8:31 am

Freeze-Dry Long Island Wedding Bouquet FLOWERS

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You spend so much time selecting your bridal bouquet, it’s a shame to toss it once the wedding is over.   But here’s a cool solution — have your flowers freeze-dried and mounted on a frame.  Then you can not only preserve the bouquet forever, but also use it as a decorative piece of art in your newlywed home.

The freeze-drying  process has been around for decades, but has mostly been used in the food, cosmetic, and electronic industries.   The process for freeze-drying wedding bouquets at  Forever in Bloom, based in Mt. Kisko, NY takes two weeks in a multi-chambered machine, which reaches  -70 degrees.  The results are much better than air drying or silica gel drying and according to owner Dean Andreades, his company does not post treat the bouquets with chemicals (as some of the other companies do in order for them to ship their designs. These chemicals are unhealthy and unsafe  and alter the look of the flowers dramatically).    And for Long Island brides, Forever in Bloom offers courier service to pick up the bouquets.   Take a look at some of the options: