Tuesday, June 28th, 2011...11:21 am

Ask Claudia: More on Long Island Outdoor/Rustic Weddings

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Jessica, Bayside

Q:  Hey Claudia!  I’ve read so many of your blogs on rustic weddings and I’m getting so discouraged by the prices of many of the venues. My fiance and I live in Queens and our family is in Western Long Island. Every place we fall in love with is at least an hour away! Is there anywhere that is close that wont break the bank? We’re looking to get married between May and August of 2012. We love outdoor/tent/barn/vineyard even rooftop type weddings. I’d like to stay away from catering halls- they don’t interest me at all. Please help!
Thanks so much!

A:  Jessica, thanks for your question.  Yes, as you can see by browsing through the Ask Claudia section of our blog, we have gotten many questions about rustic/barn/outdoor weddings.  If the ones I have suggested are too far/expensive, maybe you would consider going in the other direction, to Queens?  There is a gorgeous venue in Long Island City — Penthouse 808 at Ravel Hotel. Since we’re all about Long Island, I am not familiar with their rates, but it’s worth a call…Lastly, I will offer this:  if you fall in love with a space and it’s an hour away, think about booking it anyway.   When you consider the big picture — it meets your budget and all other requirements, an hour ride in a limo isn’t such a hassle (you could also stay overnight near the venue, to avoid the drive altogether).    In regard to pricing, consider getting married during off-season.  May to August is peak, but if you book in the winter, you could save a great deal of money on the venue of your dreams.   Also think about booking it on any day other than the weekend — another money saver.   Let us know what you decide!