Tuesday, April 19th, 2011...11:32 am

Perfect Long Islnd Wedding Eyebrows BRIDAL BEAUTY

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Girls, your eyebrows need lots of TLC before the big day.   Today, nationally-acclaimed beauty expert, Ramy Gafni, known as the celebrity “Brow King,” (with celeb clients such as Rhianna, Taylor Swift and Ivanka Trump), and a world-leading makeup artist with his own line of RAMY cosmetics, is ready to share his “911 Wedding tips” for the perfect brow on your special day:

1. Plan Ahead: If you know your brows are far from perfect, go see a professional brow groomer—ideally six months before your wedding day. This allows enough time to grow the brows in with an expert’s objective guidance, and also gives you time to grow them back if you’re not happy with the results.

2. Keep it classic: Did you know that eyebrows are considered a feature on your face—as important as your nose and lips? You’ll want to look back at your wedding pictures and admire the classically shaped eyebrows, not apologize for showing off the latest trend (super thin, rounded, etc).

3. “Grow” Before “go!”: If you’re ready to elope, (and didn’t have six months to plan ahead), you can still see a brow expert right up until the day before your wedding! If you go to someone who is highly recommended, you’ll more likely be glad you did it. But if you’re going to wait until the last minute, try to grow the brows in as much as possible before getting them shaped.

4. Fill ‘em up: Unless your brows are naturally bold, glam-up your look by filling-in your brows on your wedding day. Choose a brow filler that is one or two shades lighter than your brow hair color.  Filling-in your brows on the big day will make your eyes look bigger and will give you a much more finished and polished look.

5. Groom the Groom! Hate the unibrow? Many men need to have their brows groomed before their wedding day. You want the groom to look, well…groomed!