Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011...12:42 pm

Safe Place to Vent about Long Island Wedding Plans VENTS & RANTS

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Yesterday I read a comment on another Long Island wedding site from a bride who was feeling really sad and lonely.  She said she and her fiance didn’t have many local friends (they had moved here a few years ago) and she feels disconnected as she’s making her wedding plans.   It’s all basically on her and her fiance.   It really saddened me.  No one should feel isolated, especially during what should be a really exciting time of your life.

So I’m offering here a safe place to vent.   Let’s talk about what’s going on in your lives as you embark on an entirely new direction — becoming someone’s wife.    Are you upset by a particular wedding vendor or by someone in your family who is giving you  a hard time?   You can talk about it here, and you can do it anonymously.   So let’s chat…