Monday, March 21st, 2011...10:15 am

Oprah, Vera, Wedding Gowns = Meh. FASHION FRONT

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I had to chuckle while watching Oprah on Friday.   It was a repeat from September called “Ultimate Wildest Dreams.” Did you see it?   Oprah was making crazy dreams come true!

One of the guests was a bride on a budget.  Her fiance was serving in Afghanistan, and she was stuck planning the entire wedding by herself.   And she was having a really hard time finding her dream dress.    Into the set walks Vera Wang to surprise the bride, who was sitting in the audience.   Gushes Oprah to Lashia, the unsuspecting bride,  “Isn’t it interesting that you are fantasizing about wearing a Vera Wang dress, the Rolls Royce of all dresses? And look who just happens to be sitting here!”  Then she had 49 other brides-to-be in the audience stand up, as well, and surprised them ALL with a Vera Wang wedding gown.

Now, of course this is a grand gesture.   Very generous and kind of Vera and Oprah.  But the gowns were from the new Vera Wang downmarket collection called White.  They’re sold at David’s Bridal for $600-1400.   These are not quite the Vera Wang couture gowns these brides might have been itching for.   So while I guess they appreciated the free gowns, wouldn’t it have been an ultimate, wild dream to get a real, ultimate dreamy Vera Wang wedding gown, just like Chelsea Clinton or Ivanka Trump?  Just sayin’.