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Ask Claudia: Simple Cocktail Party Wedding

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Erica, Deer Park

Q:  My fiance and I got engaged last month.  We are looking to get married towards the end of 2010.  As this is my second wedding, we are looking to keep things very simple.  A private ceremony and then a cocktail party at a restaurant.  Any ideas on where we could have the ceremony?  Ideas for where we could have the cocktail party?  We just want to keep it very casual..drinks, dancing, and appetizers.  Thanks!

A:  Congratulations, Erica!  Keeping it casual and simple is easy.   The Rose Hunt Restaurant and Lounge at Fox Hollow offers smallish,  private parties in an elegant setting, and it may be perfect for your needs, because Fox Hollow also has a variety of indoor chapels for your ceremony.  But if you want to go in another direction, check out your favorite hometown restaurant and ask if they have private rooms for wedding receptions.   One place you might want to try right in Deer Park is Papa Joe’s Bella Verde Catering located on the Heartland Golf Course.   You and your guests can have privacy and freshly made, authentic Italian food.   If you’re looking for something with a more urban flair, take a look at Honu Kitchen & Cocktails in Huntington.   This chic restaurant can be rented out entirely on certain days of the week, or you can rent their upstairs loft, which can accommodate  up to fifty-five guests.   As for the ceremony, it sounds like you don’t want to get married in a church or temple and if that’s the case, seek out a non-denominational officiant  and have your wedding ceremony right at the site of the reception.   By the way, if you go this route, do contact our blog sponsor, Ceremonies of Love.  Interfaith minister Tracy Adamo will customize your ceremony and keep it as simple as you desire.