Thursday, November 4th, 2010...9:36 am

Jeter Getting Married on Long Island This Weekend IN THE NEWS

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Here’s the scoop:  Someone by the name of “Jeter” is getting married at Oheka Castle in Huntington on Friday, November 5th.  Is it Yankees legend Derek Jeter and actress Minka Kelly?

Back in January, the New York Post reported that they’d sent an undercover “bride” to Oheka, who saw the name “Jeter” in the bookings calendar.   When questioned, Oheka sales manager Rick Bellando said, “Oh, that’s not Derek Jeter. We wouldn’t use his real name if it were. When the Jonas brother got married here last month, we used a different name.”

Now, that may be plausible if they had used some sort of cryptic, made-up code word, but why would Oheka use “Jeter,” of all names?

Here’s probably why:  The Daily News followed up on this story by reporting that it’s not Derek who is getting married at Oheka Castle, but rather his sister, Sharlee, who’s engaged to rapper Skyzoo (Gregory Skyler Taylor).     This was confirmed by a number of media including, who reported that according to New York radio station WFAN, it’s not Derek who booked the manse, but indeed, his sister.

If anyone learns otherwise, do let us know…

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Mike Segar)