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Today, 10/10/10 is Big Wedding Date IN THE NEWS

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Do you know anyone getting  married on Long Island today, 10/10/10?  For many couples, this is a highly coveted date to get married.   Take a look at this article by Nomaan Merchant  in today’s Newsday for more… 

Many couples on LI chose 10/10/10, this Sunday, to get married.

Tom Rizzo and Erin Ludewig, who are getting

Photo credit: Craig Ruttle | Tom Rizzo and Erin Ludewig, who are getting married on the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year of the century. (Oct. 8, 2010)

Tom Rizzo loves numbers and works with them for a living as a software engineer. So in the ninth year of dating his girlfriend, Rizzo proposed on March 3 – or 3/3/09.

It made perfect sense to Rizzo to hold the wedding on another numerically sound day: 10/10/10.

“We were going to be dating 10 years in ’10, so I figured, ‘Why not?’ ” said Rizzo, 30. He’s marrying Erin Ludewig, 26; both live in West Babylon. “She thinks it’s a little geeky, but what am I going to say?”

They and other couples on Long Island chose Sunday’s date, just one of 12 such dates that occur each century, with symmetry – and a bit of luck – in mind. Brides magazine says 10 times as many couples will wed Sunday compared with a typical Sunday.

The Rev. Donald Doctor of Mastic said he’s booked his maximum of three weddings for Sunday, and turned down several other requests. “It’s that one big date, other than your birthday, that stands out,” he said.

At Larkfield Manor in East Northport one couple booked Sunday in May 2008, co-general manager Harry Mountanos said.

Vincent Riela of Sound Beach said he wanted a fall wedding and was looking through a calendar on his cell phone when he saw Oct. 10.

“Wait a minute – 10/10/10 is a cool date!” he said. “It kind of fell into place.”

Karen Callaghan, 33, thought of Sunday’s date while on active duty in Afghanistan in December.

Callaghan, an Army medic who returned to the states in June, said she liked the number five, but wanted a fall wedding. “Ten is a great second choice for me, because it’s a multiple of 5,” said the Queens Village native who will marry Bryant Ospina, 34, a Lindenhurst native. “It makes it easy to remember.”

Erin Satornino of Wantagh first planned to choose Saturday, but changed her mind when her wedding hall had Sunday open. She has since embraced the date, printing it in large letters on the invitations and programs. “I’m huge with numbers,” said Satornino, 35, who will marry James Fullerton, 31, also of Wantagh. “Everything just seems to be falling into place.”

Oct. 10 joins a list of symmetrical dates that turned into popular wedding anniversaries. Mountanos said he booked all of his weddings last year for Friday, Nov. 11, 2011 – or 11/11/11 – but still has availability for 12/12/12, which falls on a Wednesday. “Those dates, they really get targeted. We know that those dates are going to be pretty much the first ones to go.”