Thursday, October 7th, 2010...9:41 am

Long Island Bride's Panty Pics Lawsuit IN THE NEWS

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Remember the case of the blushing bride?  She was blushing because her wedding photographer, Christian Oth Studio, not only snapped pictures of her in her undergarments as she was getting dressed for her wedding, but also posted them online, for anyone with a password to ogle at.   Well, according to this story in  The Daily News, Long Island newlywed Sara Bostwick had her day in court, but her case was tossed out by the New York City judge.

Justice Judith Gische dismissed the case on Tuesday, citing that the studio did not commit fraud or put Bostwick in danger by posting snapshots of her in her unmentionables.

And for the record, we are intentionally NOT posting pictures of Bostwick here!