Friday, September 24th, 2010...10:03 am

Uber-Bridezilla Fakes Terminal Illness IN THE NEWS

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Taking the term “bridezilla” to inconceivable lows, a Hudson Valley bride-to-be claimed she was dying of leukemia so she could have a dream wedding — for free.

According to news reports, even Jessica Vega’s intended, Michael O’Connell, believed Vega had the terminal illness.    The couple have a young child together.    Last spring kind-hearted wedding vendors all over Newburgh, NY rallied when they heard Vega was terminally ill, donating a wedding gown, flowers, photography and other services for the wedding.     But it was only after the wedding that the groom became suspicious about his bride’s health.   The two are now on their way to divorce court, and many of the wedding vendors are considering lawsuits of their own against the bride.    Here’s a recent article from the Times-Herald Record about the entire sordid affair.

My question is, where does Vega go from here — how do you live with yourself after such a horrific  scam?