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Two Long Island Couples on VH1 Friggin Wedding Show IN THE NEWS

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Tammie Christina Masotto and Daniel Jean Toureau, both from Massapequa, were engaged on May 18, 2009 in Old San Juan in Puerto Rico.  She’s a hairstylist in Bellmore, he’s a  a Food and Beverage Manager at a Long Island Marriott.   And we’re pretty certain they are one of the engaged couples featured on VH1′s new reality show, “My Big Friggin Wedding,” which premieres Monday, November 1 at 9:00 pm.

Created by the producers of “Jersey Shore,”  this program — dubbed Jersey Shore meets Bridezilla –  features the over-the-top personalities of five East Coast couples, two from Long Island and three from New Jersey, as they each plan their weddings.   The ten episode docu-series follows the stress and drama of the five couples and their families as they prepare to tie the knot… or not.   Here’s a rundown on the couples, direct from VH1:

  • Tammie & Danny – from Massapequa, NY. She’s a Long Island princess who wants a baby. He’s a divorced Haitian immigrant with three kids of his own. Can he get her to sign a pre-nup? Will she spend all his money without telling him? Does she love her dog more than his kids? Will her family accept him?


  • Amanda & Matt – from Elmwood Park, NJ. He’s a mama’s boy with two tattoos, one of them is the state of New Jersey filled in with the colors of the Italian flag and the other, of course, is the face of his mother tattooed on his back. She’s a fiery Dominican girl who refuses to back down on anything. Will his mother’s meddling ruin everything? Can she stay true to her roots? Are their cultural differences too much to overcome?


  • Megin & Johnny – from Wood Ridge, NJ. He’s trying to live up his self proclaimed title as the “Meatball King of New Jersey,” although he is technically unemployed.  She’s hoping to give birth to their new baby as soon as possible so she can drop the baby weight in time for the wedding. Will she ever stop nitpicking him? Will he remember his own meatball recipe and earn some money already?


  • Alyssa & Tyler – from Egg Harbor, NJ. She loves to party. He loves to party. Everyone in the family loves to party. Are these two ready to start acting like adults? Or are they already more responsible than their own party-hardy parents? Can they stop partying and stay sober long enough to plan their wedding?


  • Sandra & Joey – Live with Joey’s parents in Lynbrook, NY. She is clueless when it comes to cooking and cleaning and is most concerned about her backside being able to fit into her wedding dress. He’s afraid of her meddling family.  Will their volatile relationship blow up before the wedding? Will they even survive their joint bachelor and bachelorette party?