Tuesday, July 27th, 2010...9:10 am

These Wedding Cakes are Unreal DETAILS & IDEAS

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OK, I’ve heard of this going on at weddings these days — in order to save money, couples order a fake cake — that is, a beautifully decorated wedding cake made of Styrofoam on the inside, and fondant or icing on the outside.    Reception guests get to ogle the cake, but they don’t get to eat it.   Instead, couples order sheet cakes on the side, which no one sees except the kitchen staff.  They cut up the sheet cakes and serve, as if they were the display cake.   The idea is to save money on a custom cake.   Here’s just one company that caters to couples who prefer “dummy” cakes:  UltimateFakeCakes.com.   And I think, based on the photos on their website, that they do beautiful work.

So how does the traditional cake cutting work?   According to UltimateFakeCake.com, here’s one option:  “A slit can be placed in your cake to allow for a knife to be inserted into the cake for pictures.  This will give you the “look” of the bride and the groom cutting the cake while a piece of cake can be placed behind the fake cake so the bride and groom can still feed each other.  You can have your cake and eat it too!”

My take:  I think there’s something distasteful (no pun intended) about this entire concept.   Yes, it’s a way to save money on your reception.   But there’s also an element of deceit here, one which involves wedding guests.   Because no one is supposed to know the display cake is a fake.   Not the best way to start off life as husband and wife, in my view.

What do you think about this?