Monday, May 24th, 2010...9:40 am

Welcome: Arthur Copeland Cleansers

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You know how long it takes you to buy the perfect wedding gown?  Well, once the wedding is over, don’t take it to just any dry cleaners.   Your neighborhood cleaners is fine for everyday clothing, but this is a special garment that requires extra-special care.   And the wedding gown cleaning and preservation experts are at Arthur Copeland Cleansers.   That’s right, “cleansers” not cleaners.    They specialize in giving  expensive wedding gowns museum-quality treatment, so that once cleaned and preserved, your gown will be perfect for years and years to come.   And here’s one other great reason to use Arthur Copeland Cleansers — they are environmentally friendly, and don’t use toxic chemicals.

So we are thrilled to welcome them to Long Island’s only bridal blog,  Pickup and delivery is FREE for Long Island brides,  and as a special courtesy to you, you can get a $100 gift certificate by clicking on their ad below.


Arthur Copeland