Thursday, May 27th, 2010...9:45 am

Let's Play Chelsea Clinton's Wedding FUN STUFF

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OK, so we all know that Chelsea Clinton, single child to Bill and Hill, is getting married this summer.  What no one knows is where, when, what she’s wearing or any other details regarding the event.   So let’s pretend she’s getting married on Long Island and fantasize about the details.   I’ll start.

If Chelsea was getting married on Long Island, I bet she would not be getting married at Oheka Castle, as that’s way too “showbiz” for the low-key wedding the Clintons have been planning.  Instead, I would think they’d want a smaller,  private location, perhaps on the water  — a place such as The Inn Spot on the Bay in Hampton Bays, for instance.   This location is actually ideal, as they also offer accommodations for guests.   They hold one reception at a time and they’re known for excellent cuisine.   And by the way, the Clintons have visited The Inn Spot on the Bay — just take a look at the picture below of Bill and Hillary with the chef/proprietors.

The Clintons at The Inn Spot on the Bay

And here is where Chelsea and her intended, Marc Mezvinsky, would exchange vows…

The Inn Spot on the Bay in Hampton Bays

Where do you think Chelsea Clinton might get married on Long Island?   Comment here.