Tuesday, April 20th, 2010...9:47 am

Ask Claudia: Casual Beach Wedding Venues

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Cindy, Farmingville

Q:  We’d like to get married this August 27th (Friday) on Long Island. We are on a super tight budget and want to keep it casual (For example-No place cards).  I’m thinking a tent/deck on the beach, buffet style dinner. I’d be up for beach party(ceremony/reception). Can you think of a venue?

A:  Cindy, thanks for your question.  You don’t mention a specific part of LI that you’re interested in — Nassau or Suffolk?  North Shore or South Shore?   But here’s my response:   You have only four months to book your wedding, and as you probably know, the summer months, weekends in particular, are the busiest for weddings.  So you really need to look into venues fast.   If you’re set on a waterfront wedding, how about something really unique — the Lauren Kristy offers South Bay cruise weddings on their turn-of-the-century style riverboat.   Also try the Pavilion at Sunken Meadow.  You can have a beach wedding there catered by Lessings.    Lastly, how about a clambake beach wedding?  Call Food & Co., a catering company out east that specializes in these.  Be sure to ask them about permits, though.