Thursday, March 4th, 2010...10:32 am

Cordially Invited Guest: Alan Abrams Photography

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Today’s guest is photographer Alan Abrams of Lindenhurst, lead photographer of Alan Abrams Photography, which specializes in Wedding, Portrait, and Lifestyle photography.

Q:  You do a lot of Engagement Sessions, so let’s talk about why engagement pictures are  important for couples…

A:  Aside from the obvious — couples get amazing pictures of themselves during this most important occasion to share with family and friends — the Engagement Session has really become the foundation of the relationship we build with our wedding clients.  It gives us a chance to connect with our couples prior to their wedding day. We all know that weddings can be pretty hectic, so it’s important for us to spend some quality time together in a more relaxed setting. We’ll normally meet at a restaurant or coffee shop, maybe have drink or a cup of coffee, and then spend the next couple of hours just hanging out and getting to know each other. It’s like a double date, except we have cameras pointed at them most of the time. Ha-ha!

Q:  Besides getting to know your couples what are the other benefits of an Engagement Session?

A:  There are definitely some mutual benefits to shooting the engagement session. For the couple, not only do they get to see how we work, they also get used to having a camera pointed at them. The level of comfort they gain during the session helps in preparing them for their wedding day photos. For us, we get to see how they interact with each other and we learn which shooting angles and poses work best for them. But the most important benefit of all is having fun! This is a fun time in their lives and it’s meant to be enjoyed. We fall in love with every one of our couples and these sessions are huge part of that.

Q:  What do your Engagement Sessions cost?

A:  We feel that these engagement sessions are so vital that we include one in every wedding package… no additional cost. At one time they were only included in our full coverage wedding packages, but we feel they’re so important that we decided to include one in every wedding we book.

Q:  What types of settings do these sessions take place and how long do they last?

A:  When it comes to location, the possibilities are pretty much endless on Long Island. When planning the session, we ask our couples to come up with locations that mean something to them. It could be where they first met, where they shared their first kiss, their favorite hangout, or simply a place they’d like to be photographed. As long as no one is going to get hurt (or arrested) we’re open to shooting just about anywhere. A typical session lasts about two hours or so. We don’t have a time limit, but that seems to be the norm. For us, it’s all about making  our couples look good and capturing them at their best. We’ll shoot for as long as it takes to get the images we want.

Q:  What happens with the images that are captured during the Engagement Session?

A:  Almost all of our clients use the images in their wedding guestbook. We design our guestbooks in-house using 20 to 30 images from the session. The images can also be used for a variety of “Save the Date” products. One of the more popular product purchases are our canvas gallery wraps. In addition, we also provide the client with all of the images (fully edited) in web resolution on CD so they can share them via e-mail with their family and friends or post them on social networking sites like Facebook.

Thanks, Alan!